Can’t Say Enough Wonderful Things About Laurie

I’m one of those crazy dog moms.

“Always worry about leaving Moose and want to make sure he is happy, well taken care of and not missing me too much when I go away. Well, when Moose stays with Laurie, I’m just hopeful that he wants to come back home with me when I return!  He absolutely loves staying with her!  He jumps out of the car when we get there, gets right to playing and hardly looks back when I leave.  I’m pretty sure I miss him way more than he misses me when he stays with Laurie!  And just to make me happy, Laurie sends pictures of Moose at play several times a day.  The pictures make me smile and I love knowing he’s having such a good time!  Can’t say enough wonderful things about Laurie and how she cares for Moose when he boards.”

– Jeanne W.