Laurie Loves Her Work

We started with Laurie before we even met our dog.

“She helped coach us on the kinds of behaviors and mannerisms to look for when choosing a dog from a litter. It was really important for us as a family with young children that we found a dog who would do well in that environment. Once we welcomed our dog, George, into our family Laurie then helped us get started with training via virtual sessions. This helped George learn his name, come when called, and sit/stay. She made learning fun and easy for us and for George! Several weeks into the training we went on a family vacation and George went to the train and board program with Laurie. He loved it there and we loved the daily pictures and updates. He got great socialization with other dogs, made an exponential leap in his training (he came back to us fully potty trained!), and was in an environment where he was genuinely loved and cared for. Laurie is a true professional. She only uses positive reinforcement and I felt very reassured knowing that George would be trained in a safe and happy environment. When we picked George up he had so many new skills and Laurie helped train us humans to make sure we could keep up with the progress George had made. Laurie loves her work and you will love the results you see in your pet after working with her!”

– Megan K.