Laurie Treats Her Clients Like Her Own

We got our sweet Ky when we were still in college and being as naïve as we were about having a German Shepherd; our vet recommended training services basically on visit 1.

“In hindsight, that was easily the best possible thing we could do – for both us and Ky! Shortly after working with Ky, Laurie educated us on reactivity in dogs which was so incredibly helpful. I completely saw reactivity in a different light, it was like a light bulb went off when she educated us! With the combination of medication and positive reinforcement training we couldn’t be happier with Kylo. We wanted a well trained dog, but not at the expense of using choking or shock collars – so we really felt passionate of Lauries way of work. Laurie has become like family, we trust her judgment and skills 100% and anyone that has her in their tool box is very lucky. Laurie treats her clients like her own; she’s a dedicated, passionate and hardworking trainer. And of course not to forget to highlight how much Ky LOVES being with her!”

– Izabelle G.