Overnight Dog Boarding Services

Located in Hydes, Maryland

We get it – your dog is a cherished member of the family. That’s why Adventure Dogs Academy provides your dog with the same level of attention and care that we give our own pets. Because we max out at three dogs per day, your pup is not going to be left alone in a kennel all day with only a few bathroom breaks. Our goal is to meet your dog’s needs via physical and mental exercise, snuggling and petting, with a comfortable, quiet place to rest.

  • 6 acres to explore; 3 acres are securely fenced
  • Swimming from May to September
  • Off-leash play with other dogs, if appropriate
  • Long-leash hikes
  • One on one time for human affection
  • All playtime is monitored by a certified professional dog trainer
  • Large heated and air conditioned kennels with video monitoring
  • Daily food puzzles included during downtime (stuffed peanut butter and yogurt kongs and toppls)
  • Medicine administration as needed

Ready To Book?

Contact us to get started with scheduling an acclimation stay. Be sure to mention the dates you need in your inquiry. Due to high demand, we cannot hold your dates for longer than 48 hours without a 50% nonrefundable deposit.


$85 per day, $45 per half day. For housemates who can share a kennel, $160 per day.

Need some extra training? Boarding with 90 minutes of training is $180 per day and includes notes for follow up at home. If a longer stay is needed, check out our Boarding with Training packages.


Is my dog a good fit for boarding at Adventure Dogs Academy?

Comfortable with confinement

Your dog must be comfortable being confined or left alone for brief periods of time during the day. If they are used to being with someone 24/7, we will likely not be a good fit.

Acclimation stay required

Your dog must complete a one or two-night acclimation stay, where you are available to pick them up if needed. Why? Boarding in a new place can be stressful. This determines whether they’ll be comfortable for their longer stay, and if they’re borderline, we can make adjustments ahead of time.

Human aggression

We do not work with dogs who are human aggressive.

Dog selective or reactive

Dogs can be dog-selective or dog-aggressive; please note they will not meet other dogs if this is the case. If your dog cannot handle seeing a dog at a distance, or hearing another dog nearby, we will not be a good fit.