Teacher’s Pet Program

Teacher’s Pet Program

Have a busy daytime schedule, and a dog or puppy who needs more than just a walk around the block? Then our Teacher’s Pet Program will be a great fit!

  • Ideal for those with busy daytime schedules
  • We train two days per week without you (Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • We meet and work together every fifth lesson (Saturdays)
  • Notes and videos emailed after every session in the evening for you to practice
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months following the end of the package
  • The schedule is Wednesday, Friday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

5 lessons (two weeks)

  • Dogs typically learn and practice up to two intermediate skills (leash walking, settling on a mat around distractions).
  • $600

10 lessons (four weeks)

  • Dogs typically learn and practice up to three intermediate skills (leash walking, settling on a mat, polite greetings).
  • $1,100

15 lessons (six weeks)

  • These sessions can be used for teaching or reinforcing basic obedience (sit, down, come, leash skills, polite greetings) as well as practicing these behaviors on field trips to new locations one day per week, if the dog is comfortable.
  • $1,575

20 lessons (eight weeks)

  • A great option for puppy owners who don’t have as much time for training and socialization, this is the complete puppy package. All of the behaviors of Puppy Prodigy plus the trainer takes your pup to one new place each week for a total of eight new experiences, and we complete some of our Saturday lessons in new spaces to practice your handling around distractions.
  • $1,995

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