Dog & Baby Prep School

Proactively Train and Prepare Your Pup

Juggling the demands of parenthood while meeting your dog’s needs (and your own!) is hard, especially during the first several months post-partum. If you’re expecting a baby and you want your pup to start off in the best possible way, this one-on-one class is for you. We start with an intake call, and then the first lesson is typically held within one week of the call.

What’s included:

  • Name response
  • Hand target
  • Leave It
  • Settling
  • How to set up your home for everyone’s safety and well being
  • Learn about dog behavior and body language
  • How to safely introduce dog and baby, and keep everyone safe and comfortable as your baby hits different milestones
  • Identify triggers that may cause anxiety in your pup once baby is home
  • Address “demand” behaviors such as pawing, whining, barking
  • Six 40-minute virtual lessons
  • Notes within 24 hours following each lesson
  • Six months of unlimited email support
  • $575

Please note, this class is not for dogs with severe human aggression or anxiety. If that describes your dog, please reach out to me and I will refer you to a veterinary behaviorist or certified behavior consultant to address these issues.*

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